David Longworth

London based designer & developer




Designer & Developer at Monocle working on the website & apps for the magazine and radio station.


While at Monocle in 2011, we needed to rapidly expand the digital services for the company to support the launch of the 24 hour radio station, known as Monocle 24. After the launch of the radio project, we then redesigned the entire digital offering, including the shop and subscriptions backend.


Monocle’s web presense was extremely light having not been updated since the launch in 2007. The two major content streams being a weekly podcast (“The Monocle Weekly”) and a monthly upload of the magazine. As a short term solution we built a radio player onto the existing .net infrastructure which gave listeners a rolling archive of the audio content. The full relaunch platform of moncole.com followed 6 months later.


Monocle is widely revered as a print publication, so the majority creative audience responsed to the relaunch of the digital product very positively. The expansion converted into increased subscriptions and advertising renevue.

The Monocle 24 app

Mockup for the Monocle hompage, 2012